Literature management with Overleaf

CiteDrive and Overleaf: The empowering pair for LaTeX users

Complete your research pipeline with the powerful two-app. Link your two APPs and get all the updates in your BibTeX file without having to do anything at all manually in Overleaf — with a few simple mouse clicks. Concentrate on your work in Overleaf and leave the tedious bibliography and citation formatting to us.

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A quick video tutorial on CiteDrive

Ideal for Overleaf

Overleaf enables teams of students and researchers to write papers
simultaneously, from anywhere, in an easy-to-use, collaborative online
LaTeX editor. Overleaf supports a variety of packages, including
BibTeX, where you can manage your references. When you connect
Overleaf to CiteDrive, you can automatically synchronize your project
and BibTeX-database with Overleaf. With CiteDrive, easily collaborate
on a project across global reach. Use our browser extension when you
discover a paper you want to use, add it to your project with one
click. You or anyone on your team can organize and cluster, annotate
and evaluate your material in a concise dashboard. Write faster at
Overleaf: Insert in-text citations generated with CiteDrive. Since
CiteDrive natively supports BibTeX, all changes are then automatically
synced at Overleaf. You no longer need to upload and change references

Native BibTeX support

We have designed our infrastructure for a BibTeX compliant delivery. We support all official entry and field types, which can be easily entered or imported with one click using our browser plugin: no tedious usage of converters or manual handling. Your project is always kept up to date for Overleaf and in a fashion that LaTeX will support.

Collect and organize

Notably, with a bigger team working on a single project, copy-pasting or manually entering data to BibTeX databases (.bib-file) can cause much confusion, and mistakes can quickly occur. With CiteDrive, you can easily add references with one click thanks to the browser extension and group the references orderly simply by dragging and dropping.

Fully collaborative

We know how essential teamwork is for scientists. Comprehensive tools for teams have become commonplace, and most importantly, papers are rarely written alone. We have therefore built our platform for collaboration. Add colleagues to your project at any time. You and your team collect, structure, and annotate references and material for your work, clearly organized in one project.


We conceptualized CiteDrive from the beginning as a form factor and device-agnostic platform for a seamless experience on all devices. Your on-the-go experience reviewing a paper your colleague presently saved should feel just as natural as CiteDrive on the desktop.

Simple but powerful!

CiteDrive aspires to be an actually easy to use, collaborative and expandable tool for citing, managing references, creating bibliographies and more.




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