CiteDrive January 2022 Release

Overleaf In-editor Experience

As a continuation of our efforts to simplify reference management, reduce clicks and generally remove tedium, we’ve leaned into our collaboration with the Overleaf team to introduce the in-editor experience. With the CiteDrive Companion browser add-on installed, you’ll notice a new “Insert Citation” button added to your Overleaf screen:

CiteDrive Companion Context Menu

Although the CiteDrive Companion add-on already empowered you to seamlessly capture articles and web pages at the point of browsing, you can now enjoy the same benefit with ISBN lookups and untagged DOIs. While viewing a page that contains the ISBN of a book you’d like to add to your project, simply select/highlight the ISBN and right click:

BibTeX Direct Import

If you’re one of the many LaTeX users who already have a BibTeX-based collection of references you’d like to import into CiteDrive, we’re excited to share that it’s now a breeze to directly paste and import BibTeX references into your project. From within your CiteDrive project, simply click Add > Paste BibTeX Code and paste your existing BibTeX into the provided field:

Full BibTeX control

Further doubling down on support for our BibTeX users, you now have the ability to customize the generated BibTeX for references before you add them to your project:

Other Improvements and Fixes:

- Customizable, human readable citation keys vs. UUID-based keys



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